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Robert McElvany

buddyRobert "Buddy" McElvany bought 16-D in April 2004.  The previous owner already rented it for the summer, so "reconstruction" didn't start until September 2004.  Buddy, his sister Jane and brother in law Tom Coonce began to refurbish the whole house, which was in desperate need of tender loving care and major repairs.  The place looked liked it had been rented to the Animal House for 10 years.  The house had settled and the kitchen floor looked like a roller coaster.  The whole floor was ripped up, a new sub floor installed, and new tile was set.  All new appliances were put in the kitchen with a new granite countertop.  It took them 9 months to get the place in the shape.

Buddy also had the help of his friend, Tom Zimmers, who did all the electrical updates, and to Joe Polichetti, a carpenter from Lewes, who built the outdoor  shower and the day bed in the first floor bedroom.

Jane McElvany Coonce

janeJane McElvany Coonce, Buddy's sister, was the interior designer.  She spent 9 months picking out fabric and objects to make the place look like a cozy retreat.  All of the paintings in the house were done by either Buddy’s mother, Eunice McElvany (paintings are signed "E. McElvany") or by Buddy’s sister, Jane (paintings are signed just "McElvany").  Although Eunice died in 2003, Jane continues to paint and sells her work at various galleries such as The Kevin Butler Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard, The Left Bank in Leesburg, VA., and Airie Gallery, 45 ½ Lake Avenue, in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  You can view her work on her web site: www.jmcelvany.com.

If you are interested in any paintings in the house, please contact her at (703) 524-7049.